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Lesson Overview: ATOD Health Promotion Lesson is a dynamic 29-slide presentation tailored for middle and high school students. This lesson, adhering to California State Standards and adaptable for other standards, centers on promoting a drug-free lifestyle through the engagement with hobbies and passions. It challenges students to creatively develop a hobby-based therapy plan advertisement, encouraging teens to embrace substance-free living.



Educational Objectives:

  • Exploring Drug-Free Strategies: Learn how hobbies and passions can be powerful tools for maintaining a drug-free lifestyle.
  • Creative Project Development: Guide students in creating an engaging advertisement for a hobby-based therapy plan, promoting substance abuse prevention.
  • Health Promotion Engagement: Inspire active participation in school and community efforts aimed at promoting a drug-free lifestyle.



Key Terms: Hobbies, passions, substance abuse treatment, and prevention.



Interactive and Educational Activities:

  • “A New High” Movie Access: Instruction for a free Tubi account to watch the movie, highlighting the positive impact of hobbies.
  • Health Promotion Project Toolkit: Provides essential resources for students to conceptualize and execute their projects.
  • Instructional Guides: Teacher’s Instructional Guide and Student Guide to support the project creation process.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Tools: Includes a Rubric, Project Outline, CRAAP Test Worksheet, Student Self-Assessment, and Peer Review Evaluation Form.
  • Class Discussion Tools: Equipped with questions and teacher talking points for engaging classroom discussions.



Educational Benefits:

  • Critical Thinking and Creativity: Encourages students to think critically and creatively in developing substance-free lifestyle strategies.
  • Self-Expression and Advocacy: Provides a platform for students to express their ideas and advocate for health promotion.
  • Collaborative Learning Experience: Fosters teamwork and collaborative skills, essential for educational and personal growth.



Total Points Available: 125, encompassing the main project and additional components such as the outline, self-reflection, CRAAP test, and discussion participation.





Project Pacing and Structure:

  • Flexible Timeline: Depending on class periods and project scope, the project can be completed in as little as one week or extended up to two weeks.
  • Sample Pacing Schedule: Included in the toolkit to help educators plan and execute the project effectively.



Stand-Alone or Series Integration: This lesson/project (lesson 8) can be used on its own or as part of Not Your Mama's Health Teacher's 8-lesson ATOD unit.



Copyright Information:

  • Copyright © Not Your Mama's Health Teacher. All rights reserved by the author.
  • License: Each purchase grants single teacher use. No sharing with others is permitted.
  • Usage Rights: Classroom duplicates are allowed. No redistribution, editing, selling, or Internet posting without password protection. Violations are subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act penalties.



"ATOD Health Promotion" is more than a lesson; it's a comprehensive approach to teaching students about substance abuse prevention and healthy lifestyle choices. Through engaging activities and a creative project, this lesson empowers students to become advocates for their health and well-being.


Total Pages

47 pages

Answer Key


Teaching Duration

2 Weeks

ATOD Health Promotion Lesson and Project

  • View a preview of this lesson and assignment HERE 

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