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Interactive Google Slides Assignment "Calculate Your Personal Macronutrient Needs"


Assignment Goal:

This is an easy to navigate, effective assignment that aims to help students identify their personal daily macronutrient and caloric goals! 


What's Included:

  • Calculate Your Personal Macronutrient Needs Ticket
    • Force Copy Link to: Calculate Your Personal Macronutrient Needs Google Slides
    • PDF Version for Print
    • CANVA Template link to edit or personalize


  • Slide 1: Contains assignment instructions and questions pertaining to Part 1.  Part 1 takes students to the Healthy Eater Flexible Dieting Caluclator and provides steps on how to fill out the calculator based on their age, gender, weight, height, and activity level.  Students are then asked to complete the daily chart (goal, recommended calories, carbs, proteins, and fats).  Example included.
    • Slide 1 also includes instructions for students on how to navigate the Google Slides.  


  • Slide 2: Contains Part 2 of the assignment.  In part 2, students are asked a total of 6 questions regarding the benefits of knowing personalized macros and to describe the functions of carbs, fats, and proteins within the body. 


  • Contemporary Assignment Design
  • The instructional text is locked into place and students are unable to move around the pictures and questions.
  • Upon request, a document version of the assignment can be shared.  Please email me at 


* Note - Assignment can be shared as a "force copy". This will allow students to have their own copy. Simply edit the URL on your copy by replacing the word "edit" with "copy". Open the new URL with the word "copy", and share that link with students.


*Assignment can also be downloaded as a PPT to share with students who do not have Google account access.


California State Standards Addressed:

  • •5.1N Demonstrate how nutritional needs are affected by age, gender, activity level, pregnancy, and health status.

Calculate Personal Macronutrient Needs

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