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Interactive Google Slides Assignment "Calculate Your Resting, Target, and Max Heart Rate"


Assignment Goal:

This is an easy to navigate, effective assignment that aims to help students identify their personal resting, max, and target heart rates.


What's Included:

  • Calculate Your Personal Macronutrient Needs Ticket
    • Force Copy Link to: Calculate Your Resting, Target, and Max Heart Rate
    • CANVA Template Link to Edit / Personalize
    • 4 Embedded Videos



  • Slide 1: Contains assignment instructions and questions pertaining to Steps 1-4.  
    • Step 1: Students are instructed to find their resting heart rate using a simple formula. There is an instructional YouTube video linked that helps students find their resting heart rate.
    • Step 2: Students are instructed to find their max heart rate using a simple formula.
    • Step 3: Students are asked to calculate their target heart rate range to determine a target heart rate zone that would be ideal for a quality cardio workout. Students are given a formula to find their lower limit target HR and their upper limit target HR.
    • Step 4: Students are asked to apply what they have learned. Students are to select one of the three embedded 5 minute or less YouTube exercise video to follow along with. After completing their exercise they are instructed to immediately check their heart rate.


  • Slide 2: Contains Step 5 of the assignment.
    • Step 5: Students are asked what their heart rate was following exercise, if their heart rate following exercise fell within their target heart rate range, and the percentage of their max heart rate immediately following exercise.


  • Contemporary Assignment Design
  • The instructional text is locked into place and students are unable to move around the pictures and questions.
  • Upon request, a document version of the assignment can be shared.  Please email me at 


* Note - Assignment can be shared as a "force copy". This will allow students to have their own copy. Simply edit the URL on your copy by replacing the word "edit" with "copy". Open the new URL with the word "copy", and share that link with students.


*Assignment can also be downloaded as a PPT to share with students who do not have Google account access.

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2 pages

Calculate Your Resting, Max, and Target Heart Rate

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