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(Although this lesson is part of an 8 lesson unit, it can be purchased as a stand alone lesson if needed)


***Comprehensive Sexual Education Lesson 3 Contains the Following:

  • Lesson Slides
  • Exit Ticket
  • Kahoot


What You Get When Upon Download

  • Lesson 3: Pregnancy and Fetal Development "Ticket" that includes the following:
    • Force Copy Link to Lesson Slides
    • All other lesson activities are linked within the slide deck.


Lesson 3: Pregnancy and Fetal Development

(25 slides)

  • CA State Standard Addressed (adjust to match your state standard) *Bold = specifically addressed:
    • Grades Seven – Eight
      • 1.2.G Summarize the human reproduction cycle. 
      • 1.4.G Explain how conception occurs, the stages of pregnancy, and the responsibilities associated with parenting.
      • 1.4.A Describe the consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs during pregnancy, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
    • High School
      • 1.5.G Summarize fertilization, fetal development, and childbirth.
      • 1.2.G Explain how conception occurs, the stages of pregnancy, and the responsibilities of parenting.
      • 1.6.A Analyze the consequences for the mother and child of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs during pregnancy—including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and other birth defects.


  • Objectives Addressed: 
    • Explain how life begins.
    • Identify when an embryo becomes a fetus. 
    • Describe the characteristics associated with each trimester of pregnancy for both the mom and baby development.
    • Describe the consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs during pregnancy.
  • Terms Addressed: embryo, fetus, tissues, organs, conception, fertilization, sperm, egg, placenta, umbilical cord,  Braxton Hicks, preterm delivery, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, SIDS
  • Activities Included: 
    • Pregnancy: The First Trimester Video
    • Video Checks for Understanding Questions
    • Discussion Question: What Effects do you Think Alcohol and Drug Use have on Fetal Development?  
    • Effects of Alcohol Use & Pregnancy Video
    • Effects of Tobacco Use & Pregnancy Video
    • Effects of Drug Use & Pregnancy Video 
    • Exit Ticket
    • Kahoot 
  • In the “notes” section of the Slides there are some talking points, guides, and ideas, and essential questions for the teacher. 


Everything is fully editable to meet your student's needs!


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L3: Pregnancy and Fetal Development

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