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(Although this lesson is part of an 8 lesson unit, it can be purchased as a stand alone lesson if needed)


***Comprehensive Sexual Education Lesson 5 Contains the Following:

  • 2 Lesson Slide Decks
    • Option 1: Intro to lesson with instructions for students to complete the Sexually Transmitted Infections Digital Activity Slide Deck
    • Option 2: Direct Instruction slide deck on sexually transmitted infections
  • Exit Ticket
  • Kahoot


What You Get When Upon Download

  • Lesson 5: Sexually Transmitted Infections "Ticket" that includes the following:
    • Force Copy Link to Both Lesson Slide Decks Options.
    • All other lesson activities are linked within the slide deck.


  • Slides 8-17 in product preview are of the Sexually Transmitted Infections Digital Interactive Activity. This activity is included in your purchase of the Comprehensive Sexual Education Unit on a separate ticket.
  • If you did not purchase the entire unit, rather the lesson al la carte, (Slides 8-17) are not included in your purchase and must be purchased separately. See slide 18-45 for what IS included in your purchase.


Lesson 5: Sexually Transmitted Infections

(6 slides + 9 slides for interactive slide deck) OR (27 slides if using direct instruction slide deck)

  • CA State Standard Addressed (adjust to match your state standard)
    • Grades Seven – Eight
      • 1.4.G Define sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
      • 1.3.G Explain the effectiveness of abstinence in preventing HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy.
      • 1.6.G Identify the short- and long-term effects of HIV, AIDS, and other STDs.
      • 1.7.G Identify ways to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting HIV, AIDS, and other STDs.
    • High School
      • 1.4.G Identify why abstinence is the most effective method for the prevention of HIV, other STDs, and pregnancy.
      • 1.7.G Describe the short- and long-term effects of HIV, AIDS, and other STDs
      • 3.2.G Identify local resources concerning reproductive and sexual health, including all FDA-approved contraceptives, HIV/STD testing, and medical care.
      • 6.2.G Identify short- and long-term goals related to abstinence and maintaining reproductive and sexual health, including the use of FDA-approved condoms and other contraceptives for pregnancy and STD prevention.
  • Objectives Addressed: 
    • Understand what causes sexually transmitted infections.
    • Identify bacterial, viral, and insect sexually transmitted infections.
    • Access local community health centers that assist with resources and care for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Terms Addressed: sexually transmitted infections, bacterial, viral, insect, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, pubic lice, vaginal yeast infection, herpes, genital warts HPV, hepatitis B, HIV, AIDS.
  • Activities Included: 
    • What are STDs Video
    • Bacteria Info Doc
    • Virus Info Doc
    • Insect Info Doc 
    • Whitney Cummings STD Video
    • Health Clinic Locator
    • HIV/AIDS Ted Talk
    • Exit Ticket
    • Kahoot 
  • In the “notes” section of the Slides there are some talking points, guides, and ideas, and essential questions for the teacher.


Description of the Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases Interactive Google Slide Activity 

    • Assignment Goal:
      • This is a simple, clear, and direct assignment that aims to inform students of the different types of STIs/STD's, their symptoms, how to stay protected, and how to locate a testing center.
    • What's Included
      • A total of 9 slides + 4 PDF documents, 2 embedded videos, & answer sheets!
        • Slide 1 - The assignment title page with instructions along the margins to help students navigate the Google Slides. Cute design that gets student's attention!
        • Slide 2 - Students are prompted to watch an informative age-appropriate video about what STDs are. The video is embedded directly into the presentation.
        • Slide 3 - Students are instructed to open up the Bacteria, Virus, and Insect STI PDF Documents. Each document has bullet point facts about Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV, Herpes, Hep B, HIV/AIDS, Trichomoniasis, and Pubic Lice.
        • Slide 4 - Students are asked 5 questions about bacterial STI's. Answer sheet included.
        • Slide 5 - Students are asked 6 questions about viral STI's. Answer sheet included.
        • Slide 6 - Students are asked 4 questions about insect STI's. Answer sheet included.
        • Slide 7 - Taping into higher order thinking skills and a deeper DOK, students are asked to "create" their own hashtag regarding the importance of getting tested. On the slide, there is an age-appropriate embedded video that discusses statistics and testing importance of STIs. Link to a hashtag generator is provided for assistance.
        • Slide 8 -9 - Help Your Friend activity! Cute iPhone design slide! Students are prompted to read a snippet from the Teen Health Website. They are then asked to "text" their friend back who is looking to find a local testing center. Students are instructed to go to the Health Clinic Locator (linked) and locate a testing center with the zip code that their friend provided them with. *Instruction PDF on how to use the Health Center Locator linked.
        • PDF Document Page 1 - Bacteria STI Document (linked on slide 3)
        • PDF Document Page 2 - Virus STI Document (linked on slide 3)
        • PDF Document Page 3 - Insect STI Document (linked on slide 3)
        • PDF Document Page 4 - Instructions on how to use the Health Clinic Locator


Everything is fully editable to meet your student needs!


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L5: Sexually Transmitted Infections

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