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Lesson Overview: Engage your students with "Addiction, The Brain, and Behavior", a visually appealing and fun 25-Google slide presentation designed to illuminate the complexities of addiction. Aligned with California State Standards (adaptable to other state standards), this lesson delves into the dangers of drug dependence, addiction, and the impact of substance use on brain function and behavior.


Educational Objectives:

  • Define Substance Addiction: Delve into the nature of addiction.

  • Dopamine's Role: Investigate how dopamine influences addictive behaviors.

  • Behavioral Effects: Analyze behavior under the influence of substances.

  • Tolerance and Withdrawal: Explore these crucial concepts in addiction studies.

  • The Addiction Cycle: Identify and understand the six stages.

  • Quitting Challenges: Discuss the difficulties and consequences of substance use.



Key Terms: Substance addiction, dopamine, neurotransmitter, impaired judgment, impulsive behavior, aggression, social withdrawal, mental health, tolerance, withdrawal, addiction cycle.


Interactive and Adaptable Activities:

  • KWL Chart: Initiate discussions and assess prior knowledge.

  • Addiction and the Brain EdPuzzle: A visual journey into addiction's impact on the brain.

  • Connor’s Battle - YouTube Story: A powerful, real-life narrative (contains mild profanity).

  • Padlet Discussion Questions: Encourage group discussions and learning.

  • Nuggets Short Film & Reflection: Film viewing with deep reflection questions.

  • Kahoot: An engaging, knowledge-based game.

  • Printable Options: All activities are interactive or can be printed for convenience.



Exclusive Feature - Nuggets Reflection Questions Assignment:

  • Objective: Deep dive into the "Nuggets" short film, exploring drug addiction's personal impact.

  • Components: Instructional slide with eye-catching design, film link, reflective questions, and an answer key for educators (note: student responses may vary).



Teacher Support and Customization:

  • Teacher's Guide: In the “notes” section of the Slides, find talking points, guides, ideas, and essential questions.

  • Fully Editable: Tailor the content to meet your students' unique needs.



Flexible Usage:

  • Stand-Alone or Part of a Series: This lesson (lesson 1) is part of an 8-lesson unit but can be purchased individually.



Copyright Information:

  • Copyright © Not Your Mama's Health Teacher. All rights reserved by the author.

  • License: Purchase grants single teacher use. No sharing with others.

  • Usage Rights: Permission for classroom duplicates only. No redistribution, editing, sale, or Internet posting without password protection. Subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act penalties.


Enrich your curriculum with this dynamic, engaging lesson, offering a deep understanding of addiction and its impact, wrapped in a student-friendly format.


Addiction, The Brain, and Behavior

  • View a preview of this lesson and assignment HERE 

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