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Curriculum Overview: This comprehensive curriculum, designed for middle and high school students, delves into the critical topics of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. It comprises eight visually appealing and interactive lessons, each aligned with educational standards and emphasizing skill-based learning.


Click here to read the Complete Curriculum Description- lesson overviews, assignments, standards, key terms, and more!


What’s Included in Each Lesson:


Lesson 1: Addiction, The Brain, and Behavior: Explore the science of addiction, the role of dopamine, and the addiction cycle through interactive activities like the Nuggets Reflection Questions Assignment.

Lesson 2: Alcohol: Examine the effects of alcohol on the brain, the consequences of its abuse, and prevention strategies, including the Impact of Underage Drinking Risks and Consequences Assignment.

Lesson 3: Tobacco: Delve into the impact of tobacco on health, analyze the consequences of tobacco use, and engage with the Cost of Smoking Assignment to understand its broader implications.

Lesson 4: Other Drugs: A comprehensive look at various drugs, their effects on the body and brain, and strategies to manage their use, including the ATOD Escape Room activity.

Lesson 5: Vaping: Address the growing issue of vaping, analyze its consequences, and develop refusal skills with engaging activities like Fact or Myth Vaping and Veto the Vape game.

Lesson 6: Analyzing Influences and Interpersonal Communication: Learn about internal and external influences on substance use and effective communication skills to resist these influences. Students engage in a cooperate jigsaw activity.

Lesson 7: Decision Making and Goal Setting: Focus on using decision-making models and goal-setting methods to maintain a drug-free lifestyle, including the D.E.C.I.D.E Model and W.O.O.P Goals Assignment.

Lesson 8: Health Promotion: Encourage students to identify drug-free lifestyle strategies and create a health promotion project advocating for substance-free living.




  • Unit Test with Key: A comprehensive test covering all lessons, including various question types.
  • Modified Unit Test with Key: A simplified version of the test, suitable for diverse learning needs.

Study Guide: A helpful resource to prepare students for the assessment.


Curriculum Features:


  • Visually Appealing Slide Decks: Each lesson is presented with aesthetically pleasing and engaging slide decks.
  • Interactive Activities: Hands-on, engaging activities to reinforce learning. Lessons are embedded with videos, Padlet Discussion Boards, Kahoot reviews, Discussion Questions, and much, much more!
  • Standards-Aligned and Skills-Based: Lessons are aligned with educational standards and focus on developing practical skills.
  • Flexible Pacing and Customization: Includes 4, 6, and 8-week pacing options and editable content to tailor the curriculum to specific needs.



For More Information: Educators can review the detailed description of each lesson and assignment here.



Copyright Information:

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The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Curriculum offers educators a rich, standards-aligned resource for teaching about substance abuse and prevention, combining engaging visuals, interactive activities, and practical skill development.



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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Curriculum