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***Nutrition and Wellness Unit 5 Lesson 6 Contains the Following:

  • Lesson Slides
  • Info Document
  • Unit 5 Lesson 6 Notes Assignment


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  • Unit 5 Lesson 6: Elderly Nutrition
  • Force Copy Link to Lesson Slides
  • Link to U5L6 Information Document
  • Link to 5.06 Intro Notes
  • CANVA Template Links to Edit / Personalize Info Documents and Intro Notes


Lesson 6: Elderly Nutrition  (36 slides)

  • CA State Standard Addressed (adjust to match your state standard):
    • 5.1N Demonstrate how nutritional needs are affected by age, gender, activity level, pregnancy, and health status.
  • Essential Questions/Discussion: Why do dietary needs differ among age groups? Can nutritional practices be applied at all stages of life? What challenges are associated with older age and nutrition? 
  • Objectives Addressed: 
    • Explain risk factors associated with nutrition and the elderly.
    • Explain how to combat elderly nutritional risks.
    • Identify signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in the elderly.  
    • Identify the nutritional resources available for the elderly.
  • Terms Addressed: elderly nutrition, digestive system, malnutrition, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, key elderly nutrients, USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Meals on Wheels.
  • Food for Thought Video
  • Discussion: Why do you think dehydration is more of a risk for the elderly population?
  • Discussion: Why do you think chewing is difficult for the elderly population?
  • Discussion: Why do protein absorption is a challenge for the elderly population?
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplements for Anxiety 
  • Local Senior Center Story Video with follow up questions.
  • In the “notes” section of the Slides there are some talking points, guides, and ideas, and essential questions for the teacher. 
  • Next Steps Slide includes instructions for what students should complete next.


Lesson 6: Info Document 

  • Lesson 6 Info Document contains information learned in the Slide Deck and then some.  Students can use the info docs as a “textbook” for the class. 
    • Describes elderly nutritional risks.
    • Identifies way to combat elderly nutritional deficiencies
    • Lists signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies 
    • Highlights key nutrients for the elderly
    • Lists resources for elderly nutrition 


Lesson 6: Assignments

  • 5.06 Elderly Nutrition Notes 
    • Notes directly correspond with the Unit 5 Lesson 6 Info Document 
    • Students are instructed to answer various questions regarding elderly nutrition.
    • Students are asked about the three nutritional concerts among the elderly.
    • Students are asked about ways to combat dehydration.
    • Students are asked about the function of healthy fats as we age.
    • Students are asked to complete the signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiency chart.
    • Students are asked to complete the resources for elderly nutrition chart. 


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Unit 5 Lesson 6: Elderly Nutrition

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