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Lesson Overview:

ZYN - is an in-depth 30-slide presentation crafted specifically for students in middle through high school. This lesson is aligned with California State Standards and can be tailored to fit other state standards. It offers a deep dive into the history of ZYN, a nicotine product, it's ingredients, and its effects on brain chemistry. The lesson also sheds light on the influences of marketing, peer pressure, and advertising on youth nicotine use, as well as equipping students with effective refusal skills to navigate these pressures.



Educational Objectives:

ZYN and Brain Chemistry: Students will define ZYN and explore its neurological impact, understanding how nicotine alters brain function and behavior.

Critical Evaluation: Review a credible source providing information on youth nicotine use, differentiating between facts and marketing tactics.

Influence Analysis: Investigate the various influences on ZYN use, including social media, and environmental factors.

Refusal Skills: Through scenarios, students will practice and develop refusal skills to assertively resist the pressure to use ZYN and other nicotine products.



Interactive and Educational Activities:

Embedded Video (Dr. Frank on TikTok): An engaging video segment offering insights into Zyn's ingredients.

Refusal Skills EdPuzzle: Interactive puzzle to develop skills in refusing Zyn and similar substances.

Zyn Refusal Skills Practice (Google Form): A digital exercise for students to practice and reinforce their refusal skills.

Kahoot: A fun, interactive quiz game to solidify the lesson’s content.

"Colliding Crises" Assignment: An in-depth reading and comprehension activity, with a focus on "Youth Mental Health and Nicotine Use", complete with fill-in-the-blanks and an answer key.



Teacher Support and Customization:

  • Teacher's Guide: A few slides contain teacher talking points and probing questions to help facilitate discussion.
  • Fully Editable: The lesson can be customized to meet diverse teaching needs and learning styles of students.



Flexible Usage:

  • Stand-Alone or Series Integration: This lesson can function as a stand-alone presentation or integrate seamlessly into a broader substance education curriculum including Not Your Mama's Health Teacher ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) 8-lesson unit: ATOD Curriculum



Copyright Information:

  • Copyright: © Not Your Mama's Health Teacher. All rights reserved.
  • License: Purchase grants usage for a single teacher. No sharing allowed.
  • Usage Rights: Classroom duplicates permitted. No redistribution, editing, selling, or Internet posting without password protection. Protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Total Pages

34 pages

Answer Key



  • View a preview of this lesson and assignment HERE 

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